Le Motte is easy to reach, located on the main road between Treviso and Vicenza in a charming and relaxing setting with a lush inner garden and picturesque surroundings.

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Ideally located in the town of Castello di Godego in Treviso province, for your holiday and business stays

Residence "Le Motte" in Castello di Godego invites you to relax and take in its natural surroundings, while enjoying polite, friendly and discreet service.

Ideally situated for a business or holiday stay between two cities renowned for their artistic heritage - Castelfranco Veneto, birthplace of Giorgione, and Cittadella, an outstanding example of defensive architecture with its medieval walls among the best-preserved in Europe.

It's the perfect location for a short break or a longer stay (minimum 3 days).

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Centrally placed between the Venetian provincial capitals of Treviso, Padua and Vicenza, Castelfranco Veneto is an outstandingly beautiful cultural gem, surrounded by its medieval walls and dominated by a magnificently preserved castle.

Castelfranco is the birthplace of artist Giorgione - the house in which he was born, situated in the city centre, has become a museum of contemporary art and a must-see on any itinerary.

Events in Castelfranco Veneto

On the second weekend in September, Castelfranco holds its annual Palio (medieval pageant) and celebrates the "Festa dei Borghi". This spectacular display is staged each year to re-enact the construction of the city's castle in 1195. Locals proudly celebrate the event in full medieval costume.

During the first fifteen days of December, Castelfranco celebrates a local culinary speciality, radicchio variegato di Castelfranco (a local variety of chicory), and holds an associated trade fair. In this enthusiastic annual celebration, local restaurants and hotels offer dishes showcasing the highly-prized radicchio, and each year a prize is awarded to the best contender.

Living up to its historic name as birthplace of Giorgione, Castelfranco closely guards its heritage status as a "city of art" within its medieval walls.

The Duomo, situated within the city walls, contains Giorgione's world-renowned masterpiece Pala di Castelfranco (Castelfranco Madonna).

Also of interest is the frieze on display in the Casa Marta Pellizzari, located in the city centre, and also the eighteenth-century Teatro Accademico.

Frescoed palaces overlook the elegant town square, flanked by the walls of the Castello - built by the citizens of Treviso in the 12th century to protect their territory from attack.

Forming a defensive square, its unmistakable red walls still stand protectively over the medieval town, as they did at the end of the 12th century when the people of Treviso built these fortifications to defend their lands. The imposing Torre Civica overlooks four smaller towers at the corners of the city walls - gates penetrate the fortifications on three sides. Spacious gardens surround the Castello, encircled by a moat and scenic walk with various statues providing points of interest.

Cittadella, a city steeped in the history of the Po Valley

An outstanding example of military architecture, the walls of Cittadella are one of Europe's best-preserved medieval fortifications. They were built by the Comune di Padova in 1220, in a strategic position to protect the city and its surrounding territory from attack. They trace a roughly circular course around the city, have 32 towers and are penetrated by four gates. A footpath along the moat outside the walls makes an ideal setting for an atmospheric stroll. The historic city centre contains some genuine treasures: the Torre di Malta - mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy - the Palazzo Pretorio and the prestigious Teatro Sociale, one of the few in the Veneto built with private stalls.

Discover the beautiful region of Veneto during your stay at Residence "Le Motte" in Castello di Godego, Treviso province.